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Clear CinCom to modernize Tunisian Railways with GSM-R

The Netherlands-based consulting company Clear CinCom and the Finnish-German telecommunications group Nokia Siemens Networks have been asked by Tunisian railway operator SNCFT to modernize its railway infrastructure. As of 2010, railway communication in Tunisia will be based on the international GSM-R standard, increasing security and reliability as well as efficiency.

Clear CinCom is a highly specialized company that uses in-house developed software for the most demanding radio network planning challenges. Director Martijn Kuijpers: "The move of Tunisia to GSM-R is part of an international trend, in which railway operators recognize the benefits of using one proven and mature technology for all railway communications. More and more countries decide to standardize on GSM-R, which is based on GSM. When applied correctly, GSM-R greatly enhances safety as well as efficiency".

GSM-R unites digital communications by carrying signaling and operational information directly to train operators. This allows trains to run at higher speeds and accomplishes a greater traffic density. As railway communication signals need to be completely reliable all the time and along the entire route, the special expertise of Clear CinCom has been called on by Nokia Siemens Networks. Clear CinCom ensures an optimal setup, taking into the account the exact terrain through which the track passes.

Clear CinCom has ample experience in design (planning), validation and optimization of radio networks. It has completed numerous GSM-R projects in Europe and Asia. Nokia Siemens Networks will be supplying the necessary base stations and base station controllers, dispatcher equipment and handheld devices for the project.

Tunisian railways transports 40 million passengers and 12 million tons of goods each year.

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