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CCC Suite – Clear CinCom’s Cloud Based Solution for Radio Network Planning, RF QoS measurements, Analysis, Reporting and Post-Processing

Clear CinCom offers a number of in-house developed hardware and software tools for optimized analysis of radio planning, RF QoS measurement data, verification of radio network design, verification of RF QoS acceptance data and RF QoS data collection with a bespoke CCC Suite RF drive test solution. The latter can be operated in either attended mode by a test engineer or in unattended fully autonomous mode for use as an unattended GSM-R probe.

CCC Suite (pronounced as triple C suite) is a combination of tools that are cloud-based, completely customizable and which can be integrated with almost any existing system and infrastructure.

With our cloud-based backend, CCC Suite can handle gigantic data sets while rapidly providing the necessary information through a modern web-based interface – whether in the office or on the go. With granular access rights on project, site or company level, the right person will have access to the relevant information just as long as they need to.

Contact us at cccsuite@clearcincom.com to know more about customization and integration options and see our GSM-R services and equipment page to learn more about the traditional and third party tools we offer.

At this moment, the suite consists of the following products:

CCC Suite Data Probe with unattended GSM-R probe

Unattended GSM-R Monitoring with cloud-based post processing

This is Clear CinCom’s comprehensive and customizable solution specifically built for autonomously monitoring the GSM-R air interface in compliance with the railway stadards such as Subset093 (O-2475 packet and circuit switched mode) and EIRENE SRS/FRS.

An unattended hardware probe installed in the rolling stock has a direct connection to our cloud-based analysis solution, where metrics and KPIs are collected, processed and stored for analysis. CCC Suite Data Probe offers unparalleled accuracy, scalability and – like all members of the CCC Suite family - customizability. Developed by an international team of experts, the solution allows an increase in frequency and area covered when monitoring the RF air interface QoS performance of GSM-R networks.

CCC Suite Data Probe gives you, your team and your consultants instant access to all data collected - both historic KPIs and metrics as well as real time measurements - through a suite of custom post-processing, reporting and analysis tools, built from the ground up for the specific purpose of GSM-R data analysis.

Request the technical specification sheet of CCC Suite Data Probe (registration required)

CCC Suite Geo Reporting

Cloud-based analysis of air interface radio RF QoS measurement data

The traditional workflow meant that an on-site radio network testing (optimization/acceptance) period was followed by days of report preparation; any delay in reporting back to our clients meant a delay in receiving critical feedback from the client. We believe that a modern, agile workflow is what sets a boutique telecommunication consultancy like Clear CinCom apart from larger, more traditional organisations.

CCC Suite Geo Reporting allows us to display our findings on an intuitive, interactive map, making key metrics, photos, documents and other relevant information instantly accessible to our clients as soon as it is available. This gives clients an up-to-date overview of the progress of their project, as they freely explore the data collected on their behalf. In our experience, this leads to a more productive interaction between clients, suppliers and consultants. Our map-driven interface lets our clients literally zoom in on the areas requiring their attention, while at the same time connecting the information to the bigger picture.

CCC Suite Geo Reporting consists of two parts: Spot Analysis is used to zoom in on specific track locations that require attention based on a pre-defined set of criteria, while CRP (Cellular Radio Planning) Overviews gives you a larger overview of cellular radio design results and/or related metric/KPIs. You can find more information below.

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Clear CinCom is a small, flexible, hands-on organization. We can provide you with telecom consulting services including temporary staffing or even complete turnkey project teams. We have an all-round expertise in all types of cellular radio networking, but highly specific experience in GSM-R (GSM-Rail), LTE (4G), UMTS (3G) and Tetra networks. We use advanced equipment and in-house developed software for validation, benchmarking and network audits.

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Clear CinCom has worked on diverse telecom consulting projects in numerous countries, often alongside the largest telecom consulting companies, network and infrastructure providers.

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