Equipment for GSM-R Network Planning, Validation and Optimization

When designing and planning, testing and optimizing and validating and benchmarking a GSM-R network, Clear CinCom uses specialized hardware as well as in-house developed software programs.

Clear CinCom and GSM-R Equipment

Aside from hands-on consulting services and temporary staffing, Clear CinCom can also provide you with specialized equipment for GSM-R networking planning, validation and optimization. Contact us for more information. You can read more about our services, the technologies we work with, projects we have recently completed and our specific experience with GSM-R.


GSM-R or GSM-Rail is the de facto international standard for wireless communication on the railway. The people of Clear CinCom have been designing and optimizing GSM-R networks since the emergence of the standard in 2000; we have helped network vendors and railway operators in numerous countries since to meet and exceed the performance standards of GSM-R. Specialized in GSM-R and gearing up for the future, Clear CinCom is at the forefront of the emerging Future Railway Mobile Communication system (FRMCS).

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LTE: the fourth generation

LTE, often marketed as 4G, is the most recent standard for wireless cellular communication. New modulation techniques allow existing networks (be it GSM/UMTS or CDMA) to be upgraded to LTE, increasing the speed with which data is delivered to mobile devices. LTE is the first truly global standard for mobile network communication, allowing download speeds up to 299.6 Mbit/second. 

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Latest news

Clear CinCom to deliver Nominal Cell Plan audit for GSM-R with unprecedented accuracy

Clear CinCom has started the preparation of an audit of the Nominal Cell Plan (NCP) on the GSM-R infrastructure in the northern part of the Netherlands. Mobirail, the GSM-R focused alliance of KPN and Nokia Nederland, has produced the NCP that ...

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