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Clear CinCom to deliver Nominal Cell Plan audit for GSM-R with unprecedented accuracy

Clear CinCom has started the preparation of an audit of the Nominal Cell Plan (NCP) on the GSM-R infrastructure in the northern part of the Netherlands. Mobirail, the GSM-R focused alliance of KPN and Nokia Nederland, has produced the NCP that Clear CinCom, at the request of Dutch railway infrastructure provider ProRail, will assess using an updated prediction model as well as highly detailed geo-data provided by the Dutch government.

CrossWave - predictions with unprecedented accuracy

The prediction model that Clear CinCom produces will be used for forecasting the path loss between the GSM-R transmitter and receiver based on a variety of metrics and conditions. The company will tune and optimize a default set of prediction models developed by Forsk on different frequency ranges to create the best fit with local environmental conditions and characteristics of the area involved.

Area involved


Clear CinCom is able to predict the path loss with a very high accuracy, thanks to the integration of the CrossWave prediction model, developed by Orange Labs and recently acquired by Clear CinCom for integration with the Atoll planning tool by Forsk. CrossWave is a high-performance universal propagation model that supports all wireless technologies and all types of environments, from rural to dense urban areas. Clear CinCom will further fine-tune the thus created model by using the continuous wave measurement (CW) results collected, leading to uniquely accurate predictions.

Integration of open government data

To further improve the quality of the audit, Clear CinCom uses open-source Digital Terrain Modem (DTM) and Morphology data provided by the Dutch government - also referred to as Clutter or land-use data. Says Martijn Kuijpers, director of Clear CinCom: “The world around us is changing all the time, so it’s important to use up-to-date morphology data that contains items such as buildings, vegetation and infrastructure. All these have an impact on the propagation of radio waves and hence on the path loss between transmitter and receiver in a GSM-R network. More accurate data about the environment immediately translates to a more accurate and precise audit”.

Clear CinCom has contracted the company Object Vision to prepare scripts and algorithms that convert the open source geo-data into DTM, Morphology and 3D vector data that can be used by the CrossWave prediction model as part of the Atoll RF planning tool. The resolution of the geo-data used is 1m for railway polygons and 20m for the rest of the country.

Object Vision


Kuijpers: “Since the set of geo-data is continuously updated by various governmental bodies, this is an ongoing process. We want to ensure an accurate planning of the radio access interface in the GSM-R network as it enhances the reliability and ultimately the safety on the railway infrastructure of The Netherlands”.

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