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We are a fast growing company and always in need of high quality staff. If you possess the qualifications for a high level job in the field of radio planning and telecom consultancy, then we encourage you to leave your CV so that we can contact you when there is a suitable vacancy at Clear CinCom.

Clear CinCom is a small but fast growing company in the field of radio planning and telecommunication consultancy. We often are in need of new, high quality staff members for full time positions, part time positions or on project basis.

We would encourage you to fill out our job application form. This would enter you in our database, which is always our first recourse when we plan to hire a new staff. This happens quite regularly.

Notice that to work at Clear CinCom, at least a bachelors’ degree in a technical field is required, but more often we aim to hire people with a PhD, a Masters or equivalent. However, work experience in a relevant field and motivation is usually the most important factor in our hiring policy.

The more specific you are about your job requirements, the better we can match you to an open position in the field of telecommunication consultancy and radio planning.

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You can contact Clear CinCom now by one of the following ways: call us on the phone, call us one Skype, or fill in the form so we can get back to you.

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