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Clear Cincom telecom Projects - 2015

Delivery and installation of Comtest Wireless NetAnalyzer post-processing platform

Client: ProRail   

Clear CinCom works in close association with Comtest Wireless as their Benelux vendor of – among other products – the software tool NetAnalyzer3. NetAnalyzer3, as part of the NetProbe ERTMS monitoring platform, is used for post processing of the data acquired in radio access network. Clear CinCom took care of the installation of configuration of the NetAnalyzer platform which allowed ProRail eventually to use a predefined set of analyses to visualize measurement data on maps, graphs and tables. This enables ProRail and their subcontractors to gain insight in the performance of their network. While Clear CinCom has ample experience with the NetAnalyzer software, this was the first time we installed a setup for a third party. The setup allows ProRail and their vendors – including Clear CinCom – to continuously feed the NetAnalyzer setup with new data on a regular basis, allowing ProRail to do make trend analyses and historical comparisons.


Nation-wide radio access performance measurement campaign

Client: ProRail   

The object of this project was to establish a performance baseline prior to the upgrade of the GSM-R radio access system. This allowed Dutch railway operator ProRail to compare the “before and after” performance after a third-party vendor installed a new generation of BTS equipment that upgraded the network to full IP-based, in line with new and stricter regulations as stipulated in the latest Subset093 and O-2475 specifications. Clear CinCom conducted a series of one time measurements at various locations along the track, mainly Subset093 performance measurements, with both circuit switched and packet switched setups.


Optimization and Acceptance measurement of first Hungarian GSM-R radio access network

Client: Kapsch Carrier Com   

In a particularly complex technical and political environment, Clear CinCom helped Kapsch Carrier Com with the optimization and acceptance of the first GSM-R radio access network for the Hungarian railway operator MAV. Various verification, tuning and other activities related to the radio network were carried out on the service areas Main line, Shunting areas, Connecting lines, Indoor locations and a predefined bandwidth around the track zone. The network is used for both voice and ETCS level 2 data, for which reliable access with a Quality of Service compliant to the international standards needed to be retained at normal operational and high travelling speeds. Full redundancy was achieved through an A-flex core network and BTS-R architecture comprising remote radio heads operating in both the GSM-R as well as the extended GSM-R frequency band. The technical environment was complex, as the Budapest ring area is subjected to heavy interference from commercial public land mobile network operators (PLMN). The political environment was complicated too, given the fact that it was controlled by multiple stakeholders. The national railway operator MAV, the infrastructure ministry NISZ, the Notified Body (NoBo) that was to ensure international certification for cross-border transportation, the EU observer (the project was financed by the EU) as well as an independent engineering company were all overseeing the project.


Static PLMN interference measurements

Client: ProRail   

One problem faced by railway operators is interference by commercial telecom operators, also called PLMN interference. At the request of Dutch railway operator ProRail, Clear CinCom conducted a number of static interference measurements on stations and along railway lines. This effectively meant installing a small mast and recording performance for a specific location, whereby we identify, characterize and report on possible sources of interference. Our reports are used by ProRail to negotiate with the public operators in order to mitigate the interference and ensure a correct functioning of the GSM-R network throughout the country. This is an ongoing project, where Clear CinCom steps in on an as-needed basis.


Verification of GSM-R and Tetra performance new central station Tilburg

Client: ProRail   

As the city of Tilburg (Netherlands) build a new, modern railway station, Clear CinCom was asked to perform a radio network verification to give insight in the radio network performance on the location of the new station. Our report was used by a third party vendor to create a network design that fully guarantees adequate GSM-R and TETRA network performance.


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