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Clear Cincom telecom Projects - 2012

Assessment on request for GSM-R frequency spectrum

Client: Iarnród Eireann   

As railway operator Iarnród Eireann build the first GSM-R network in Ireland, Kapsch Carrier Com put forward a design and frequency planning. While 4MHz bandwidth was available in the radio frequency spectrum, Iarnród Eireann wanted to minimize the bandwidth required and asked Clear CinCom to assess the cell and frequency planning and put forward an advice on the required frequency bandwidth.


Clear CinCom designs first African GSM-R network

Client: Nokia Netherlands   SNCFT   

Clear CinCom designed and optimized the GSM-R network on the route between Tunis and Sfax in Tunisia, thereby establishing the first full GSM-R network to comply fully with the latest European GSM Railway standard (GSM-R).

The telecom engineers of Clear CinCom provided the nominal cell plan and fine-tuned the empirical prediction model. Combined with on-site surveys along the entire route, this resulted in a final cell plan which consisted of a traffic, frequency and neighbor plan. All Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were met with comfortable margins.


Hanzelijn validated at 140km/hour

Client: ProRail   

Clear CinCom is often engaged in the validation of existing networks to ensure compliance with the requirements set by governments and railway operators. In GSM-R, it is essential that communication is flawless along the entire route, even when moving at high speeds.

Clear CinCom has benchmarked the GSM-R network of the Dutch railway connection Hanzelijn, connecting the cites of Leystad, Dronten, Kampen and Zwolle. It found that all KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) were met. For this project, Clear CinCom used a Belgian testing train equipped with hardware and its own proprietary GSM-R benchmarking software.


Radio cell planning, model tuning and design on various Austrian railway lines

Client: Kapsch Carrier Com   

Austria is challenging country radio network planners, due to its unique topography. The Alpes mountain range requires numerous tunnels and the relief itself is a source of interference. Austria’s railway operator ÖBB wished to switch their old analogue radio network to a proper GSM-R setup and contracted Kapsch Carrier Com as their vendor. Working closely with Kapsch, Clear CinCom provided the cell planning, model tuning and design for a number of lines in the Austrian railway network, enabling Kapsch to meet their schedule.


Spanish Galician high speed railway benchmarked

Client: Comtest Wireless   Kapsch Carrier Com   ADIF   

Clear CinCom benchmarked the 88 kilometer long Galician High Speed Line from Ourense to Santiago de Compostella in Spain. The line has recently been upgraded with full GSM-R compatibility and Clear CinCom was asked to independently verify the key performance indicators of the network.

Clear CinCom is often called on by larger consultancies and suppliers who need to independently demonstrate the security and reliability of their networks to governments and railway operators.


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