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Clear Cincom telecom Projects - 2009

Amsterdam Central Station, Utrecht Central Station, Rotterdam Blaak Station, Schiphol Airport Train Terminal

Client: Nokia Netherlands   

Design GSM-R network to connect InfoPlus information boarding for all platforms, tunnels and halls.


Coordinate Line of Sight requests

Client: Nokia Netherlands   

For the development of the new high speed train connection between the West and East of The Netherlands, the Hanzelijn, Clear CinCom supervises all Line of Sight (LoS) requests.


Design Final Cell Plan (FCP) of Hanzelijn in The Netherlands

Client: Nokia Netherlands   

Transform the previously created Nominal Cell Plan (NCP) into a Final Cell Plan. Performing Continuous Wave measurements, comparing these to the theoretical propagation, translating network requirements into design criteria at cell planning level and surveying selected locations to determine site parameters.


Design GSM-R Network for Tunis - Sfax line

Client: Nokia Tunisia   

GSM-R radio network for Tunisia’s first GSM-R enabled railway.


HSL Zuid High Speed Connection

Client: Nokia Netherlands   

Design and optimisation of the redundant (double coverage) layer for the underground passages of the high speed train connection that connects Rotterdam to Brussels.


Implementation communication system for tunnel under lake ‘Drontermeer’

Client: Nokia Netherlands   

The ‘Drontermeertunnel’ is a tunnel for a Dutch high speed train passing underneath the lake Drontermeer. Clear CinCom performs the measurements needed to implement not only the GSM-R network infrastructure, but also the Dutch Tetra communication system, used for emergency communication.


InfoPlus GSM-R Network Selection Test

Client: Nokia Netherlands   

Tests around the country to ensure that the modem in InfoPlus railway information boarding connects properly to the GSM-R network.


Quality of Service validation of complete GSM-R network of The Netherlands

Client: Nokia Netherlands   

Yearly measurements of GSM-R network performance on more than 3000 kilometre of Dutch railway, in order to ensure the Service Level Agreement (SLA) between GSM-R infrastructure supplier MobiRail and GSM-R railway operator ProRail.


Re-design VGCS configuration Utrecht

Client: Nokia Netherlands   

Redesign of the railways around Utrecht, which required a new design of the VGCS (Voice Group Call Service) group call areas.


Relocation of Existing GSM-R BTS Sites

Client: Nokia Netherlands   

Radio planning of new locations for existing BTS points, Radio Site Acceptance Tests (SAT).


Rotterdam Harbor

Client: Nokia Netherlands   

Optimisation of network in the world’s largest harbor, to ensure GSM-R connectivity for transportation of goods


Supervision of transmission plan

Client: Nokia Netherlands   

For the Dutch high speed train connection Hanzelijn, Clear CinCom has been put in charge of supervising the GSM-R transmission plan for the entire route.


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