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Clear Cincom telecom Projects - 2006

Feasibility Study Low Speed Measurement Train / IFS Train compartment

Client: Infraspeed   

Studies into feasibility and desirability of constructing a low speed measurement train and TVT compartment for HSL-Z.


GSM1800 NanoBTS Indoor Rabobank

Client: Siemens Netherlands   

Improving indoor coverage of all branches of the Dutch Rabobank, where special mobile phone subscriptions to its clients.


Implementing ETCS between Amsterdam and Utrecht

Client: Siemens Netherlands   

Implementation of ETCS, optimisation for the latest ERTMS (ETCS) O-2475 requirements.


Study and Cell Planning of Non-Centrally Serviced Areas

Client: Siemens Netherlands   

Analysis and nominal cell plan of 155 non-centrally serviced areas in the Dutch railway system, to establish and improve Quality of Service.


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