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Clear Cincom telecom Projects - 2005

Feasibility Study Low Speed Measurement Train / TVT Locomotion

Client: Infraspeed   

Studies into feasibility and desirability of constructing a low speed measurement train and TVT locomotion for HSL-Z.


GSM-R Interconnect Netherlands - Germany

Client: Siemens Netherlands   

Verification of the backhaul of the Dutch and German GSM-R network, in order to ensure correct configuration in and around the border area.


Measuring Network Performance 2005

Client: Siemens Netherlands   

Measuring the network performance of all Dutch GSM-R enabled railways under EIRENE specifications, in order to ensure the Service Level Agreement (SLA) between GSM-R infrastructure supplier MobiRail and GSM-R railway operator ProRail.


Network Design Dive Under / Fly Over

Client: Siemens Netherlands   

Designing the GSM-R network for the dive under / fly over railway construction in Rotterdam.


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