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Clear CinCom among first to offer Flash-OFDM services

As of today, telecommunications consultancy firm Clear CinCom offers consulting and implementation services for 4G Flash-OFDM technology. This new standard of mobile communications (based on 802.20) allows for vastly improved broadband performance with limited investment costs, thanks to complete compliance with existing infrastructures. Flash-OFDM is 100 percent IP based and as such it is compatible with existing IP client/host environments. Mobile broadband speeds and reliability can be upgraded without significant changes to data devices, contents and applications.

A first application of Flash-OFDM is thought to be the provision of broadband services on high speed train connections. Clear CinCom already is a major provider of consulting and implementation services for the GSM-Rail (GSM-R) standard. Director Martijn Kuijpers: High speed Internet is an important asset for railway companies in their competition with airlines. This is especially true in the market for business travelers. With Flash-OFDM, a true fourth generation technology standard is emerging. This will be of great benefit for railway companies and, ultimately, for passengers. On-board broadband will now be reliable, uninterrupted and truly high speed.

Flash-OFDM has several distinct advantages over previous technologies. It overcomes the high setup costs and the need to use large antennas that complicate satellite technology. Unlike the latter, Flash-OFDM it is not affected by obstacles such as tunnels and trees. Other than WiMax, seamless handoff makes Flash-OFDM truly mobile. This also is a key advantage over UMTS, as is the ability to use large cells.

About Clear CinCom

Clear CinCom is the quality leader in consultancy services for cellular radio network planning, network optimization and network validation. Based in The Netherlands, the company provides its unique expertise and experience to mobile operators, vendors, infrastructural planners and others in Europe, South-America and Asia.

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Clear CinCom is a small, flexible, hands-on organization. We can provide you with telecom consulting services including temporary staffing or even complete turnkey project teams. We have an all-round expertise in all types of cellular radio networking, but highly specific experience in GSM-R (GSM-Rail), LTE (4G), UMTS (3G) and Tetra networks. We use advanced equipment and in-house developed software for validation, benchmarking and network audits.

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Clear CinCom has worked on diverse telecom consulting projects in numerous countries, often alongside the largest telecom consulting companies, network and infrastructure providers.

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