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Shunting is one of railway operations in which the communication particularly benefits from the capabilities of GSM-R

Senior Radio Planner Jason Fitzgerald on board the GSM-R measurement train MP Jules

A three dimensional representation of an antenna pattern in our GSM network planning tool

Clear cin com telecom consultant services

Clear CinCom can provide telecom consultant services to your organisation, temporary staff (much like a telecommunication specialist contractor) and even dedicated turn-key project teams. Our people have the expertise and experience to take your wireless telecom projects to the highest level of quality.

GSM-R (GSM-Rail)

Clear CinCom is one of the few telecom consultant companies with extensive experience working with the GSM-R (GSM-Rail) standard. Our drive test team uses special test equipment to aid in the engineering of the network. The GSM-R Quality of Service (QoS) is tested with specially prepared measurement trains at both low and high speeds. Whether we do a network design, validation, optimisation or a base station audit, we like to be your GSM-Rail partner of choice.

Indoor coverage

Some radio telecom consultants do indoor coverage 'on the side'. Yet, indoor and outdoor coverage are two distinct areas in radio planning, each requiring its own expertise. Clear CinCom has acknowledged this fact from the start. We have developed our own set of indoor measurement tools that allow us to design your indoor network and optimise the Quality of Service of your indoor network with unprecedented precision. Therefore, we can truly say that from any telecom specialist contractor we are the quality leader when it comes to planning, optimising and validating indoor network coverage.

Network Design

When starting out with an RF-project, it is naturally most efficient to do it right the first time around. Clear CinCom has the expertise to assist and manage even the most demanding radio planning (RP) challenges, including network design. Our radio engineers work with a variety of network technologies, including GSM, GSM-Rail (GSM-R), UMTS, GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA, Wi-fi (IEEE 802.11), WiMax (IEEE 802.16) and RFID. Our network design specialists can assist you when translating your network requirements into network design criteria, propagation model tuning, nominal network design, site surveys, cell planning, frequency planning and parameter planning. Whether your network is outdoor or indoor, on land, on sea or even in the air: Clear CinCom would like to be the telecommunication specialist that helps you realise the best performing network.

Network Validation

Your network may be functioning, but is it performing? Clear CinCom can tell you. We scan and benchmark your network, do a base station audit, measure quality and performance and present you with clear and concise (as well as comprehensive) reports and analyses. Using state of the art equipment, our telecommunication specialists can provide insight into the Quality of Service of your network. We perform end-to-end quality measurement for voice, data, video and messaging services.

Network validation is the first step in detecting, identifying and solving problems in your network.

Network optimisation

Network optimisation generally makes a dramatic difference in the performance of a RF-based network. The specific knowledge of the Clear CinCom telecommunication specialists allows us to squeeze the ultimate performance from your existing installation, often with only minimal hardware or software changes.

Improvements can often be achieved simply by optimising the BSS-parameters of your Base Station Controller (BSC). Sometimes hardware changes, such as re-azimuths, tilts, selecting better sites or installing repeaters will bring the greatest enhancements. Our clear and concise optimisation reports will present an overview of the changes that would deliver the greatest improvements in your specific situation, thus, ensuring you can make an informed choice regarding the best solution.

We realise that you have a choice in telecom consultants that will promise to optimise your network. Usually they can, since most networks allow for simple adjustments that can easily increase performance by a small margin. But when it is important to your organisation to really make the most of your network, Clear CinCom would gladly demonstrate to you why we are the quality leading telecom consultant when it comes to network optimisation.

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