The telecom consultants with unique expertise in GSM-R and indoor coverage network design

A GSM-R handset equipped with engineering mode

Telecom Specialist Explanation of Mobile Technologies

Clear CinCom BV is a radio telecom consultant firm, working in the field of mobile radio planning. Since its inception in 2004, Clear CinCom underwent a rapid growth thanks to the high level of specific expertise that the company provides.

Clear CinCom aims to be the quality leader in mobile radio network planning, network optimisation and network validation, providing mobile operators, vendors, infrastructural planners and others with its unique expertise and experience.

When a company like finnish Nokia Siemens Networks rolls out its GSM-Rail network to allow for safety on an important high-speed railway connection, it relies on the proven expertise of the Clear CinCom telecom consultants for the design, rollout, optimisation and validation of the network. When France's leading mobile operator Orange wanted to improve the indoor coverage for the benefit of its customers, it relied on the experience of Clear CinCom for the design, optimisation and validation. These companise know that the quality of a network makes a dramatic difference in how it performs. And a higher performing network means a better customer experience and more successful operations.

Clear CinCom headquarters are located in Delft, one of the technology hubs of The Netherlands. Clear CinCom offers its services to clients worldwide.