The telecom consultants with unique expertise in GSM-R and indoor coverage network design

Why us?

  1. Real, extensive, hands-on experience
  2. Creative, innovative and flexible: we deliver!
  3. Supplier of big players such as Nokia Siemens Networks
  4. Custom made software for planning, validation and optimisation
  5. Specialized in indoor coverage and GSM-R
  6. Ahead in LTE/SAE-technology


Clear CinCom works on very diverse telecom consulting projects in various countries. These are the latest projects we have completed:

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We are one of the few telecom consultant companies with actual experience in working with GSM-R, the digital standard for railway communications. Our drive test team uses a mobile test transmitter to help design GSM-networks. We use low and high speed measurement trains, specifically prepared for testing Quality of Service (QoS).

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Indoor coverage optimisation is a distinct area in radio planning, requiring its own expertise. Clear CinCom has acknowledged this fact from the start. We have developed our own set of indoor measurement tools, which allow us to design your indoor network and optimise the Quality of Service with unprecedented precision.

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Clear CinCom

What is Clear CinCom?

We are Clear CinCom and we are here to help other companies make the most of their cellular radio network. We posses world-class expertise in GSM-R technology and the improvement of indoor coverage for existing cellular radio networks. We are based in The Netherlands, but we operate globally. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know what we can do for you.