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All technical staff of Clear CinCom trained in LTE cell Planning


Recently  all technical staff of Clear CinCom received training in cell planning specific to LTE networks. LTEor 4G, is the most recent network technology that builds on 2G and 3G technologies. The Clear CinCom engineers were trained by the Wray Castle institute in the UK.

Planning for LTE requires a different approach from that of traditional cellular technologies. Features such as flexible frequency utilization, the use of MIMO, and the effects of mixed media traffic on the radio link need to be understood in order to use LTE with maximum benefit.

Clear CinCom is a progressive company and leads in GSM-R technology in particular. LTE-R is set to replace GSM-R in the future. The course provided by Wray Castle will focus on the following areas of expertise, which are useful for both LTE planning and LTE-R planning:

  • LTE planning considerations
  • LTE coverage planning and link budgets
  • LTE traffic characterisation
  • LTE cell parameters
  • LTE frequency planning
  • LTE performance simulations

Clear CinCom constantly updates it technical expertise and has been doing so specifically in the area of LTE/SAE in the past months. According to director Martijn Kuijpers, LTE is set to be important in the development all future GSM and GSM-R based networks: “Thanks to simplified protocols and a flat, all-IP architecture, LTE is far superior in data rates and latency. This makes LTE ideally suited for all kinds of multimedia services. Clear CinCom believe the move to LTE is inevitable and will eventually impact the entire telecom world. The course by Wray Castle assisted us from the start to maximize the benefits of LTE and SAE for our clients”.

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