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Clear CinCom measures GSM-R quality throughout Netherlands


Today, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) called on telecom consultancy firm Clear CinCom to assess the GSM-R Quality of Service of the railway network of The Netherlands. This means that Clear CinCom will perform GSM-R coverage measurements on more than 3000 kilometres of railway track. The resulting report should ascertain that MobiRail, the consortium of Nokia Siemens Network and KPN, meets the demands laid down in its Service Level Agreement (SLA) with ProRail, which is the government task organisation responsible for the railway network infrastructure in The Netherlands.

Consistent quality of the GSM-R signal is vital to ensure essential railway communication services and directly impacts safety and efficiency on the tracks, explains director Martijn Kuijpers of Clear CinCom. But changes in the environment of the railway, or around GSM-R Base Site antennas, can have great influence on the Quality of Service. Adverse effects can be caused by newly constructed buildings or sound walls, for example. Our yearly measurements are meant to ensure that the quality of the GSM-R service is up to standards on the entire railway network of The Netherlands. Should we find significant drops in quality at certain locations, we will make recommendations on how to restore the service to the required level.

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