The telecom consultants with unique expertise in GSM-R and indoor coverage network design

The People of ClearCinCom

Martijn Kuijpers (1975, Netherlands)

Martijn Kuijpers started his career in 1999, as a radio frequency design consultant for KPN Mobile. In 2000, he was asked by Banda Ancha SA to come to Spain, where he performed the radio planning of Spain’s top 30 cities in one single phase.

In 2001, Kuijpers was contracted by Siemens Netherlands NV, where he would be planning of one of the first GSM-R networks in the world. Siemens also sent him to South America, where he did CW-measurements, model tuning, cell planning, site surveys, antenna selection and BTS configuration in Belize. On returning to the Netherlands, Kuijpers was hired by telecom provider Dutchtone (now part of T-Mobile), where he worked on tasks such as theoretical design based on marketing objectives and validation of designs with an empirical prediction model.

In 2003, Siemens Netherlands asked him to return in order to work as team coordinator on GSM-R projects, most notably the lower GSM-spectrum for the high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris (HSL Zuid).

In January 2005, Kuijpers founded Clear CinCom BV, for which he doubles as director and as Principal Radio Planner. At Clear CinCom, Kuijpers has worked for clients such as Nokia Siemens Networks, KPN, Orange and ProRail, most frequently on projects related to GSM-R, GSM-P and indoor coverage. In order to keep ahead of the curve, Kuijpers continues to train in areas such as nanoBTS, GPRS, indoor coverage, UMTS and with various radio planning software tools.

Kuijpers is fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish and Portuguese

Jason Fitzgerald (1969, United Kingdom)

Senior Radio Planner Jason Fitzgerald (BSc, MIEEE, University of Teesside in the UK) acquired his disciplined approach during his years with the British Armed Forces. His knowledge and background as a radio planning and optimisation engineer stems from his experience in companies such as Ericsson USA, Hutchison 3G, O2, Siemens and most recently Clear CinCom. Before he moved to Clear CinCom in 2007, Fitzgerald was an R&D manager contracted by Ericsson North Africa.

Like most people working for Clear CinCom, Fitzgerald has broad international experience, having worked in countries as diverse as Hungary, Egypt, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA.

Fitzgerald’s key skills include planning, optimizing and validating GSM-R, 2G, 3G and Tetra networks. The list of software tools that Fitzgerald is conversant with is impressive: Kapsch, Agilent, bespoke tools for the analysis of BER/TIR., TEMS, Actix, Agilent, Aska, Odyssey, Asset, Atoll, MapInfo, Tornado, Netact, Odyssey, TEMS and MapInfo, to name but a few.

Fitzgerald is also a real hands-on man, trained in mast climbing, rescue climbing and rooftop safety. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and through his career has followed numerous courses on topics such as UMTS technology, usually at Masons Communications Wireless Academy.

Christopher Verzijl (1982, Netherlands Antilles)

Chris Verzijl’s specialty is the theoretical and computational modeling of complex physical problems. Verzijl is undoubtedly the mathematical brain at Clear CinCom; he is also largely responsible for much of the custom software produced and used by the company.

Verzijl holds MS degrees in Applied Mathematics and Aerospace Engineering and a BS in Applied Physics, all from the Technical University of Delft, in the Netherlands, where he is currently working towards a PhD in Theoretical Physics. He has also spent time at the University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Space Research, where he developed targeting algorithms for lunar ballistic–capture trajectories for spacecraft.

Since 2006, Verzijl has worked on a part-time basis as a Radio Network Planner for Clear CinCom. He is mainly focused on the design and improvement of test methodologies and the development of the algorithms for data analysis. At the same time, Verzijl performs research for the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience in Delft, working on models for non–equilibrium electronic transport in molecular nanostructures.

Verzijl is a native speaker of both Dutch and English, and also speaks some French, Spanish and Portuguese.